The Interview: Hudson Valley Lighting

The Interview: Hudson Valley Lighting

Exclusive to Houseology in the UK market, the Hudson Valley Lighting Group create designs built to last a lifetime. A family run business based in America, HVL was established 80 years ago, creating contemporary lighting solutions to light up any interior. Here, we catch up with David Littman of Hudson Valley Lighting to find out more about the brand…

Can you tell us a little bit about the design process at Hudson Valley?

It starts with inspiration, which comes from any number of places. Then our in-house design team creates an array of concepts. We all select the best concepts as a team and really think about how an HVL customer would use the fixture before it’s produced.

We pin the ideas to our ever-changing design wall and vigorously critique them. Based on this initial design, we make a few and see if the idea is working out like we planned it, and make improvements from there if necessary.

What’s the best part about creating a new collection?

I am involved in all aspects of the business, but I can honestly say designing a new collection is the most exciting part. Creating something entirely new and presenting it to our customers is always a thrilling experience.

I love the creative process itself, and the enthusiasm I encounter when introducing new collections at market. Of course, it’s gratifying to see these new pieces out in the world in great interior design.

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Where does the inspiration for new collections come from?

Our design team travels the world looking for inspiration—sometimes it’s as simple as a piece of jewellery or an antique perfume bottle—and envisioning that beautiful object as a light fixture, then turning that vision into a reality.

We also try to think of the needs our customers have that maybe we haven’t answered yet, and get a bunch of design ideas going, then pick the best and refine them.

What do you think makes Hudson Valley different from other American interior brands?

Our attention to detail – every single detail on all of our fixtures gets our total attention to ensure we’re creating the best product possible. Nothing is overseen.


Can you tell us more about Hudson Valley’s brand heritage and identity?

Our heritage and identity is very much rooted in the Hudson Valley – my family has been here for decades and I’ve kept the business here, recently moving from Newburgh, NY to a new facility in Wappingers Falls, NY.

I built the brand on the idea of the “out-of-box experience,” meaning you could feel the quality of the product as soon as you take it out of the box, and that stays with us to the present. The idea is you’re not buying a future heirloom: an object of timeless beauty that’s been built to last.

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Is there one iconic piece that stands out for you in the collection?

It’s so hard to choose just one piece from our large catalogue, with thousands of pieces across our four brands (HVL, Troy, Corbett, and Mitzi by HVL). Every piece has been carefully crafted and is designed with a special purpose and aesthetic in mind.

How would you describe the Hudson Valley customer?

The HVL customer puts quality first, a characteristic that is becoming increasingly rare in our world. They care about design and are looking for beautiful pieces that are built to last.


What do you think of the American interior design scene at the moment?

The American design scene is diversifying in a way we’ve never seen before – it’s an exciting time for all of our brands. As they’re all so aesthetically different, we can honestly say we have something for every project and design sensibility.

What’s next for Hudson Valley?

We’re rapidly growing our business in multiple ways, but at the end of the day, it’s all about continuing to create beautiful fixtures for beautiful spaces.

Finally, describe the brand in five words.

Timeless design meets classic cool.



By Marisa Docherty