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Interior Design Business Podcast Live in Glasgow

NewsMarisa Docherty
Interior Design Business Podcast Live in Glasgow

Created for the design community by those who know it most, “Interior Design Business” is a podcast that aims to connect professional designers and interior enthusiasts through informed, insightful and entertaining discussions. Hosted by Jeff Hayward of Wildwood PR and former President of the British Institute of Interior Design (and Creative Director of Tessuto) Susie Rumbold, this monthly podcast offers practical and first-hand advice in dealing with some of the challenges faced by designers and how to develop the skills you need to succeed in this uber stylish, but pretty tough industry!


Taking the podcast on the road for their second live show, Jeff and Susie were joined by Jim Hamilton of Graven and Anna Campbell Jones of Habitus Interiors in none other than Glasgow’s iconic - and newly renovated- Mackintosh at The Willow on Sauchiehall St. Sponsored by Trade at Houseology, the duo and their professional panellists discussed the issue of sourcing in the industry and the impact globalisation and the Internet are having on interior designers.

From Ghana to Kilmarnock, and the “Little Black Book” all designers have full of contacts and clients, is it really enough to just know people today? With a wealth of knowledge and experience between them, both Jim and Anna agree the industry has seen change beyond imagination in recent years. From social media to increased demand and cheaper options, sourcing was more about the people and the skill set the possessed, rather than the products themselves.


“My first involvement in a live podcast which was great fun. Nowhere to hide, but the audience, as to be expected in Glasgow, were very forthcoming and good fun. A great night, with cool fellow panellists, in a pretty special room with like-minded people, happy days.” - Jim Hamilton, Graven


“I had never taken part in a podcast with an audience before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The subject, sourcing, sounds superficially dry but it’s a topic I know I and most designers are extremely passionate about so I knew it would be enlightening.”- Anna Campbell Jones, Habitus


With a host of sourcing success stories and a few disasters too, the panellists shared their experiences, often going back to revisit and refresh a project if needed. With Jim’s commercial knowledge and Anna’s residential expertise, the two designers proved to be a match made in interior heaven. From sketches and scribbles, to samples and brochures, information was finite “back in the day” as both designers agreed, compared to the endless digitalsphere that exists today.


“A beautiful venue set off the tone of the evening which was relaxed, relevant, insightful and great fun. An equally interesting topic of conversation for the podcast, delivered by some hugely talented, experienced designers. Always reassuring to know that we all, through every facet of design, experience the same challenges when sourcing products for any project and benefit from platforms like Houseology to help with the process. Already looking forward to the next one!” - Lisa Trainer, Red Door Interiors


“This was a super event, not only for the interesting, informative and amusing anecdotes from the highly experienced panel, but also for the networking opportunities after the discussion. The location was gorgeous, and the evening was hosted perfectly.” - Anna Power , Anna Power Interiors


So, what about taking clients on a sourcing journey too? Anna believes this to be an important aspect in the employment of an interior designer. Whether the client simply hands over the keys, or would like to be heavily involved, sourcing is a massive part of an interior designer’s job and the ability to effectively source product is a valuable part of a designer’s skill set.


“With fantastic guests, Anna Campbell-Jones and Jim Hamilton, an entertaining discussion on sourcing, and our engaged Glasgow audience, we couldn’t be happier with the start to our Interior Design Business Podcast partnership.  The podcast is a great resource for busy interior designers, and such a convenient way to access information and gain insight into the experience of fellow professionals from the interior design community.  We hope listeners will enjoy it as much as we do!” - Kay Quillan, Marketing Manager, Trade at Houseology


“Interior Design Business” is brought to you by Alfi Media, Tessuto, Wildwood PR and Trade at Houseology.


By Marisa Docherty