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The Interview: Riviera Masion

InterviewsSophie Lambert
The Interview: Riviera Masion

"Riviera Maison is a mix of Long Island, French Provence and classic English style and the collections add a twist to the concepts of country and contemporary living."

With a collection that celebrates the beauty of raw materials and exudes laid-back New England charm, Riviera Maison furniture, lighting and home accessories strike the balance of being both beautiful and wonderfully comfortable. We speak with owner Henk Teunissen about the brand's relaxed aesthetic and the perfect imperfection concept.

How did you come to be involved with the Riviera Maison brand?

My parents Dini and Jacques Teunissen set up Riviera Maison in Amsterdam as a flower shop in 1948. I joined the business in 1975 and then, in 1985, I expanded Riviera Maison into the home décor market. By 1997 the first complete Riviera Maison home concept shop had opened offering collections of furniture and accessories.


How would you describe the Riviera Maison look and lifestyle?

Riviera Maison is a mix of Long Island, French Provence and classic English style and the collections add a twist to the concepts of country and contemporary living. The pieces create a warm feeling and a sense of home combined with international allure - we are a lifestyle brand that people feel comfortable with.

Can you tell us a little about the Riviera Maison design process?

We pride ourselves on being exclusive and this is achieved by designing the whole collection in-house - the range is now made up of over 3000 pieces.


Where do the design inspirations come from?

Inspiration comes from travelling around the world to major world cities and to rural parts of Provence. We’re also inspired by pieces in museums and by looking in people’s houses; one of our autumnal collections this year uses the homes and palaces of Marella Angelli, the wife of Gianni Angelli, of the famous Fiat family in Italy as an inspiration.

How do the trends impact on your designs? Do you incorporate these into new season looks?

Most of the collections are based on designs from bygone eras rather than trends but we give them a fresh new look. We create our own looks and tailor them into our collections for every season.


Is there a particular piece in the collection that you consider to be a favourite?

Any of the handmade items, I love them as they are not perfectly symmetrical and are a little rough in places which gives them more character.

What kind of interior style do you think Riviera Maison pieces work particularly well in?

A combination of French and New England interior style, the pieces work with coastal or classically simple designs. The colours are natural, white and off-white but we do have some bright colours and autumnal tones in the collection as well. We use a lot of reclaimed wood from China and France which works with more natural interior looks – the style is perfectly imperfect.