The Power of Sustainable Style

The Power of Sustainable Style

There’s never been a more important time to help our struggling planet. With temperatures rising, icecaps melting, habitats being destroyed and some of the world’s most beautiful natural creations decaying, it's time to reverse some of the effects of global warming and embrace sustainable design in our homes. With a global recycling crisis, it’s no longer possible to ignore the damage being caused to our oceans and land, which it why we are proudly supporting our sustainable brands in celebration of Earth Day.

Many of the brands at Houseology have been adopting sustainable design practices for a while, bringing you stylish products made from recycled materials and treating the environment with care and kindness in the process.

Featuring furniture crafted from used fishnets, post-consumer plastic and eco-friendly manufacturing, explore our sustainable brands and find out their unique and inspirational stories today...


Delivering ethically sourced furniture and lighting with a stylish minimalist aesthetic, Mater bring sustainable Scandinavian design to the masses. Mater reinforce their sustainable mission by supporting people, local craft and traditional, all with an eco-conscious mindset and strong design philosophy.


Using a circular economy approach to design, Mater have been cleaning up the ocean for years with their aptly named Ocean collection! Featuring 2 chairs, 2 bistro tables and 2 dining tables, the Ocean collection uses old, dumped fishing nets that are then cleaned, shredded and processed into small pellets for moulding.

Winner of the Wallpaper Design Awards 2019, the Ocean Chair has helped transform post use plastic marine waste into valuable materials. One Ocean chair uses around 960g of ocean plastic waste and saves 1.6 kilos in CO2 emissions, making the environment a better place for all.



Bright, bold and contemporary, Loll Designs believe in enhancing people and the planet through their fresh, fun and stylish outdoor furniture. Each piece is expertly crafted using recycled post-consumer plastic, meaning their own designs are completely recyclable too!

Made from mostly single-use milk jugs, Loll design and manufacture highly durable and contemporary outdoor furniture from benches and tables, to seating and barstools. Add a pop of colour to your outdoor space with a Loll creation and embrace sustainability in style.

Loll Designs are not only 100% recycled, but the company is also Cradle to Cradle certified and a member of the 1% For the Planet Organisation, meaning the company donates 1% of their annual sales revenue to environmental causes.



Able to withstand all kinds of weather, Vincent Sheppard’s high-quality outdoor designs are durable, stylish and sustainable. Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council in 2013 for efforts in creating eco-friendly furniture, Vincent Sheppard continue to champion social and economic sustainability.

The Belgian company is renown worldwide for its design and production of Lloyd Loom furniture and experience in working with sustainable materials including papers, wood and rattan. With true craftsmanship at the core of the brand, Vincent Sheppard produces all their designs in Cirebon, Indonesia, an area of the country known for its tradition in weaving and rattan bending.

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Committed to protecting the environment, Vincent Sheppard is a company with an ecological mindset and unwavering determination to help save the planet in the eco-friendliest way possible. They are very conscious about the consumption of resources and the company headquarters in Belgium are nearly self-contained as solar energy is used to provide electricity for their production processes.


By Marisa Docherty