Sophie Lambert

27 Unusual Coffee Table Ideas

Sophie Lambert
27 Unusual Coffee Table Ideas

Find all the designer coffee table inspiration you need in our 27 tips for an unusual coffee table. From tables with striking sculptural bases, to Luxe glass topped pieces and contemporary coffee tables with hidden storage, this excellent interior multi-tasker is the perfect focal point to combine function and timeless interior style.

Unusual coffee tables with storage

Make your coffee table work harder in your modern living space by choosing a stylish coffee table with integrated storage - great for keeping coasters and pesky TV remotes tucked away.

1. Clear the clutter in an instant with a super stylish hidden storage coffee table. From magazines and throws to children's toys and coasters, a coffee table with hidden drawers or compartments will lift your whole living room scheme.


2.We love the insert tray of the Pacini e Cappellini Mosaico Coffee Table. Not only is it perfect for storing living room essentials such as television controls but it can also be used to hold your favourite accessories for a beautifully styled coffee table tray.

3.Coffee table surfaces are perfect for styling but too many pieces can make them feel cluttered and untidy. Opt for a coffee table with a second tier as a clever way to store books, magazines and additional clutter, while still maintaining the streamlined aesthetic of your design scheme.


4.As well as hiding clutter, unusual coffee tables with storage can also be used to tidy away additional features. The XVL Home Collection Cuba Coffee Table comes with four pouffes that tuck neatly out of sight when they're not being used.

Unusual glass coffee tables

Allow the natural beauty of your interior to filter through with an unusual glass topped coffee table. Creating an enhanced illusion of space, glass coffee tables will make your room feel larger and adapt to your home decor as your interior style changes.

5. "If you don’t want the coffee table to be the focus of the room, choose one with a glass top and a finish that blends with others in the room. This will keep the eye interested in all the items in the room, not just one layer of the design," Elizabeth Miller, Forbes.

6. Glass coffee tables are perfect for bringing a more contemporary angle to your home's interior and work particularly well with minimalist schemes and pared back colour palettes for a cool modern aesthetic that will not date.


7. A glass coffee table top allows the base of the table to really take centre stage, an ornate coffee table creates the perfect signature piece and will instantly elevate your living room’s look.

8. Create a feeling of styling contrast in your living room by juxtaposing luxurious upholstery and traditional period features with an unusual glass coffee table with a simplistic Scandic vibe.

9. "Glass topped coffee tables are ideal for smaller rooms because they don't close the space. Also, a glass table does not hinder the display of a beautiful carpet," Architecture Art Designs.

Unusual round coffee tables

Create an organic ambience in your design scheme with an unusual round coffee table. Family-friendly, a round coffee table is ideal for softening stark contemporary schemes and creating a convivial atmosphere when entertaining guests.

10. "If you have kids, an oval or round coffee table is a smart choice, since sharp corners and little ones aren't a good match,"

11. "Round coffee tables aid circulation, especially where there are many available seats. If not every seat can reach the table, make sure there’s another surface at hand," Elizabeth Miller, Forbes.

12. As the coffee table often takes the centre stage, it can be the perfect piece of furniture to introduce a style to the space. We love this Mid Century style piece from Ercol.


13. Create a rich, layered living room scheme by contrasting a number of different textures across furnishings and accessories. Consider pairing a woollen upholstered sofa with an unusual coffee table with a smooth, engineered finish for an unexpected but stylish look.

14. "Some spaces will work better with multiple smaller coffee tables- smaller spaces can benefit from multiple coffee tables because it gives the room more flexibility to adjust the layout for different activities. But other rooms might benefit from multiple coffee tables thanks to the layered, sophisticated effect they are correct." Apartment Therapy.

15. "I love the NORR11 range, the simplicity of the collection combined with its beautiful detailing and quality of craftsmanship means it can be incorporated into both classic and contemporary schemes. The clean simple lines of the Duke Side and Coffee Table range is another favourite too." Alison Harding of AMW Designs.

Unusual wooden coffee tables

For an utterly Scandic expression, be inspired by wood. Created in a choice of natural, stained and lacquered finishes, wooden coffee tables will bring a natural aspect into your design scheme creating a completely unique interior scheme where you need it most.

16. "My new Ercol coffee table is one of my favourite additions to this room. As well as being a very practical size, shape and design, it is beautifully made and works perfectly with the colour tones in this room." Katy Orme, Apartment Apothecary.

17. "Sometimes a coffee table that isn’t the standard height or width is exactly what a room needs," Forbes.


Unusual small coffee tables

Consider smaller coffee tables as an alternative living room style option that offers more flexibility when it comes to designing your living room's layout.

18. For a smaller room, consider a couple of smaller coffee tables that are just large enough to offer a surface to place a mug or book upon. Always make sure your tables are in reaching distance of your seating areas to ensure that your living room layout works.

19. Create a feeling of stylish symmetry in your living room by including two smaller coffee tables that mirror each other for a chic harmonious scheme.

20. While coffee tables are often the focal point of living room schemes, unusual small coffee tables allow you to place emphasis on other aspects of your design scheme such as statement floor lighting or sculptural accessories.


21. Rather than one large coffee table, try grouping two or more smaller coffee tables together for an unstructured, contemporary focal point in your living room. Pair tables of differing heights for a visually interesting, staggered look.

22. "Compositions matter to me," designer Barbara Barry says. "Artfully arranged, anything can become a thing of beauty." A coffee table and end table underscore her philosophy of "high, medium, low," House Beautiful.

23. Introduce a burst of colour to your living room with an unusual small coffee table in a bold accent hue. Pair zingy yellow with charcoal grey or bold pink with deep navy blue for a lively interior scheme.

Tiered coffee tables

Think outside the box with coffee tables that offer surfaces at varying heights for a true furniture showstopper.

24. "Strike a balance between your sofa and coffee table styles. If you have a plush, solid-colour couch, try a glass table on a leggy chrome frame. If your couch is slim and more streamlined, you're fine with a chunkier table, maybe one with a thick wood top and solid base," HGTV.

25. “A bi-level coffee table offers even more room to show off your favourite living room flourishes,” Elle Decor.

26. "Large coffee tables don't feel so massive when you layer on a tray, it breaks up the surface," says designer Meg Braff, House Beautiful.

27. When your coffee table is centre stage, it's important to take your time when styling it. Don't worry about being too regimented, instead experiment with colours, heights and textures for a truly unique scheme.


By Sophie Lambert