The Benefits of Buying Luxury Furniture

The Benefits of Buying Luxury Furniture

Are you on the lookout for new furniture or lighting to spruce up your home? Maybe you’re wondering which retailers offer high-quality items that will last a lifetime and add a splash of originality to your interior? Well, here at Houseology we have everything you could dream of to create the ultimate stylish sanctuary.

If you’re tempted to shop at high street retailers offering budget goods, you may find it difficult to achieve the unique look you want for your room. This is because mass-produced furniture tends to lack originality and is often made from lower-grade materials than high-end furniture.

Whilst opting for a high-end retailer may be more expensive than buying mass-produced homeware, the benefits of luxury furniture and lighting are well worth the investment. Here, we’ve outlined a few reasons why we think designer décor is best:

1. You can invest in true craftsmanship

It takes a great deal of time, effort and skill to produce luxury lighting and furniture. In this way, opting for high-end pieces is a smart way to ensure that your homeware is durable and will not wear or fray. Designer pieces guarantee longevity due to the highly-crafted manner in which they are manufactured, many pieces will also go on to become classic design icons that will remain timelessly stylish. Explore our stunning collection of Mid-Century inspired designs, for a retro-mondernist appeal. Characterised by it’s simple from, clean lines and versatility this design style is ideal for any decor look to brands such as Bolia, Fritz Hansen and NORR11 for some interior inspiration.


2. Your friends and family are unlikely to own similar pieces to you

If you’re the kind of person who loves living in a home bursting with originality, you should stay away from mass-produced goods. Whilst furniture at mainstream shops may look fabulous in a catalogue or showroom, you may feel a little disappointed when you discover that each of your best friends owns the same dining table, chandelier or coffee table. This is particularly true of the best-selling or ‘must-have’ items that high-street retailers often boast about. Most luxury lighting and furniture is produced on a small scale, making it unlikely that your friends or family members will own it too.

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3. Luxury items tend to be more detailed

It's often the small details that have the power to transform generic-looking furniture pieces into exemplars of true taste and class. If you’re looking for luxury bedroom furniture, for example, you may want to opt for a bedframe with detailed wooden panels or a bedside table with bespoke crafted handles. Indeed, intricate details such as this could help you achieve the luxury bedroom design you’ve always dreamed of.

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4. Luxury items are comprised of better materials than high street versions

It is fairly easy to spot the difference between cheap furniture and designer furniture as the latter is usually made from better materials. An authentic leather sofa, for example, will feel smoother, softer and more durable than a faux leather version. Authentic leather will also look nicer and age better, taking on a vintage feel as it ages rather than appearing scruffy and tattered.

5. Impress your guests

Receiving compliments from friends and family members can feel both uplifting and life-affirming. Investing in gorgeous luxury furniture, therefore, is a great way to impress guests and garner compliments from those you love the most. What’s more, furnishing your interior in attractive designer homeware is a great way to keep people coming back for more. If you love to host parties and dinners, investing in luxury furniture is a fantastic idea.

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