The Interview: Julia Rebaudo of Stylonylon

The Interview: Julia Rebaudo of Stylonylon

As part of our #MyHouseology series, we caught up with Julia Rebaudo of fashion and lifestyle blog, Stylonylon, to talk about everything from blogging to styling, and what is was like to work with the team at Houseology on her amazing Portuguese hideaway…

You started blogging and creating content six years ago. How has the industry evolved since then and what do you think makes a successful content creator?

Gosh it really has evolved! When I started back in 2012 it was as a hobby – I was just getting into photography and wanted to indulge my love of clothes! – but now blogging and creating content has fully replaced my freelance journalism work. I think be a quick adopter of new developments in tech is quite key – not being afraid to try out and embrace new things and an unwavering passion for creating digital content. I think you also need to have a strong degree of self-belief and the ability to just forge ahead regardless!


What are your top tips for styling an outdoor space?

I love creating comfortable spaces where you can sit down for that start-your-day coffee in the morning, but also as somewhere to have good natter with a friend or family. Seating is key, the first step and next an accessible surface at the right level to pop drinks, food, phone, camera, any drawing material (for the kids!) and so on...

Can you describe your design style in four words?

Relaxed, casual, comfortable, practical.


What was the best part about working with Houseology on this project?

I was absolutely amazed at how Houseology were able to ship so efficiently to Portugal, as the pieces were coming from all over! I love the wide selection on the site, covering all price points and the sheer idea-sparking breadth of choice.


Is there a particular spot in your Portugal garden you love the most? If so, why?

One of my favourite things is going up to our rooftop terrace and looking down on the walled garden from above! Up there, you have a wonderful of the pink roof tiles and it's just idyllic at sunrise and sunset time! The plan is to create a little shaded seating area on the rooftop next.


What’s next for Stylonylon?

Gosh, always busy day to day on the blog – constantly interviewing small brands and sharing outfits and photography tips! Come the summer holidays we will be back to Portugal – our final part of the project is a swimming pool! While there we always try and visit somewhere we haven't been before – recent trips have included Lisbon, a beautiful eco-hotel in the Alentejo and we've yet to visit Comporta, dying to go! And then I have trip to Croatia coming which is somewhere I've never been before so cannot wait!


By Marisa Docherty