The Interview: Lola Hoad

The Interview: Lola Hoad

Founder of female co-working space “One Girl Band” and host of award-winning podcast of the same name, ultimate girlboss, Lola Hoad, sat down with us to talk all things business. A self-taught, self-employed designer, Lola tells us about her determination to unite female entrepreneurs, how to style the perfect home office and the power of a creative co-working space.

Describe your design style in five words

Minimal/understated with an edge.

One Girl Band moved from Brighton to Glasgow this year, what attracted you to the city of Glasgow?

 I’ve had a connection to the city for the past decade and just decided it was time to come and make it my home. The best decision I’ve ever made.

One_Girl_Band_Houseology_Interior_Shoot_Lucy_Knott_Photography_Glasgow_Aug_2019 (50).jpg
One_Girl_Band_Houseology_Interior_Shoot_Lucy_Knott_Photography_Glasgow_Aug_2019 (53).jpg

Why did you decide on the name “One Girl Band”?

I think it was as simple as seeing someone call themselves a ‘one man band’ and thinking “I’m just going to call myself a one girl band from now on…”. I also used to get the mick taken out of me by family as a kid because I was always starting lessons for numerous instruments but never actually sticking with them. I guess there was some sort of subconscious thought about linking it to music in some way, as that’s such a big part of my life.

How does it feel being able to connect female entrepreneurs with one another?

It’s magic; there’s no feeling like it. 

One_Girl_Band_Houseology_Interior_Shoot_Lucy_Knott_Photography_Glasgow_Aug_2019 (122).jpg

What’s your favourite Houseology piece in the One Girl Band co-working space and why?

The dark green velvet armchair is most definitely a firm favourite. So soft! 

OGB also has an award-winning podcast of the same name, can you tell us a little about it?

I started the podcast after a few years of writing my newsletters and realising they would work in that format. I was obsessed with podcasts and wanted to give it a shot, but was also pretty overwhelmed with adding yet another podcast to the ether. I eventually started though, and it paid off. The response has been wonderful and after winning Blogosphere’s Podcast of The Year 2019, it definitely gave me the push to keep finding new ways to do it.

One_Girl_Band_Houseology_Interior_Shoot_Lucy_Knott_Photography_Glasgow_Aug_2019 (103).jpg
One_Girl_Band_Houseology_Interior_Shoot_Lucy_Knott_Photography_Glasgow_Aug_2019 (123).jpg

What are some of the benefits of a co-working space?

When you work for and by yourself, it’s difficult to separate home and work, especially if you’re working from the spare room or kitchen table. A coworking space gives you the opportunity to have a ‘commute’ and bridge that divide between what’s life and what’s work, meaning you’re less likely to feel isolated and lonely. You’re also surrounded by humans who get it and who you can collaborate with; we’ve had members who have ended up taking on other members as part-time staff, as well as recommending/hiring them for other projects. The advantages are huge for your mental health, just as much as your business. 

One_Girl_Band_Houseology_Interior_Shoot_Lucy_Knott_Photography_Glasgow_Aug_2019 (19).jpg

Can you give us some tips on designing and styling a workspace?

I’m someone who needs my workspace to be (fairly) clear of clutter so I try to keep some sort of organisational unit nearby, like a trendy cabinet or the cylinder drawers we got from Houseology. As minimal as I like to keep my desk, I also love having little snippets of life on there, as well as postcards, pictures etc; a plant makes such a difference. 

Lastly, what’s next for One Girl Band?

The main aim now is to keep growing the Space and the podcast, plus something else that has been under wraps for a little while now but will soon be coming to fruition.


By Marisa Docherty